Guidance on your application

Take the first step right with our education counselor guiding you to get started working on the College Application 

Our aim is to fulfil the dream of thousands of students to study abroad and pursue global education, which leads them to a life they’ve always wanted.

Rummaging through a gazillion quality courses and beautiful livable countries, choosing a university is nowhere an easy task. With expert guidance and unlimited support from the Soi Immigration Consultant team, it not only gets simplified but also one gets assured about the choice.

When you start considering universities with an expert alongside, you not only learn about better options but also consider all the variables while choosing and finalizing a university.

Our experts are known for giving you a conducive environment, where you can sit with them, share your story and experiences and let them guide you with some potential options.

Not just that, our amicable relationships with our partner universities also allow us to consult your profile with them, thus shortlisting your options and offering you the best.

Admission Counselling For Study Abroad

Let’s have a closer look at Application Counselling:

Admission Counselling For Study Abroad

Our experts understand your story and background

Let’s discuss your skills, interests and preferred country to stay in. Learning about all of these, we will recommend to you a list of courses and universities that are matched up with your profile.

Admission Counselling For Study Abroad

The time to go into details

After working on your interests, understanding your career goals and shortlisting a few universities, we will move to the next step. After educating you more about the university that perfectly meets your needs, we will prepare you to meet the university’s requirements.

Admission Counselling For Study Abroad

Now Applications? We got that for you

You do not have to sweat about any paperwork and the application to be processed as we take care of all from our end. We will also coordinate with the designated university officials overseas and get everything ready for you.

Admission Counselling For Study Abroad

The next most important thing, Visa

Visa requirements and documentation can sometimes be very tricky. Our experts will ensure that you have all the correct and required documents in place to make your case valid and strong. With the right documentation, your overseas stay is a smooth affair.

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